Over 7 million UK taxpayers are missing out on hundreds of pounds in
tax refunds every year
From uniform tax rebate to marriage tax allowance, 1 in 3 UK employees are due a tax rebate from HMRC

Uniform tax rebates & marriage allowance tax rebates

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Claim Tax Refunds For Work Uniform & Protective Clothes

If you wear a uniform or protective clothing which you wash, you may be entitled to an HMRC tax refund. It might be that you wear something as basic as a t-shirt which has a company logo on it. The garment doesn’t matter, if you wash and maintain the garment yourself you could be eligible.

How much can I claim back for my uniform tax rebate?

How much you can claim back very much depends on the work you do. The standard rebate for most UK employees who claim for their current year & the previous 4 years (as permitted by HMRC) is £60. However, for certain professionals, HMRC has agreed higher allowances. We find that the average values of a uniform tax rebate in Greater Manchester is around £220.

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How does the Marriage Tax Allowance work?

If you’re married or in a civil partnership with one of you earning more than the annual personal allowance and the other less, or unemployed, you might not have realised, but you could be entitled to claim the marriage tax allowance. Simply put, this allowance allows you to transfer £1,250 of your personal allowance to your spouse or civil partner.

Successful claims can see the higher earner’s tax bill for come down substantially for the financial year. You can also backdate your claim in some cases for up to 4 years, with any refund due, paid by cheque! Personal allowance for 2019-2020 is £12,500).

How Much Can I Claim?

Marriage Allowance allows the lower earner within the marriage or civil partnership to transfer up to £1,250 of their unused Personal Allowance to their higher-earning partner. Doing this will reduce the higher earner’s income tax bill by up to £250 per year.

Use the Tax Rebate calculator to get an estimate of how much Marriage Tax Allowance, you may be entitled to.

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Can I claim back for anything else?

Yes, additionally to the uniform tax rebate, we can also help you claim a tax rebate for most of the expenses you have incurred as part of your job. For example, HMRC will usually allow you to claim back 20% of the cost of any equipment or tools you have purchased. You can also claim against fees paid to professional organisations such as Unison, NMC, RCN and HCPC.

If your job involves travel within the UK, you may be able to claim back mileage allowance, you could be owed up to 45p per mile for business trips you have made since April 2015.

Use the Tax Rebate calculator to get an estimate of how much Mileage Tax Allowance, you may be entitled to

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