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1How long does the process take?
Most claims are completed within 6-12 weeks. During busy times, or for complex claims, it may take up to 16 weeks. Remember, Your Tax rebates only get paid when you get your refund. So, we continue to liaise with HMRC after we have submitted your claim, to ensure we get back every penny you are owed as soon as possible.
2How many years can I claim back?
You can claim a tax rebate for the last 4 tax years on any settlement of a PPI claim that you have received. The current cut-off date is 6th April 2016.
3What are your fees?
We work on a no win, no fee basis. It is completely free to submit a claim. If we are successful in recovering a tax refund for you, we will charge a total fee of 48% (including VAT where applicable) of the tax refund we obtain for you. Where the rebate does not cover our minimum fee of £25.00 (including VAT where applicable), we will retain the full value of the refund and there will be no additional charges for you to pay.
4Are you a government agency or affiliated with HMRC?
No. HMRC does not endorse or affiliate itself with ANY private company. We are a private company, which specialises in tax reclaim services.
5Do I have to use an intermediary?
No, you can apply for a tax refund yourself if you want to. However, this can be a daunting process sometimes and Your Tax Rebates has experience helping customers get their tax back. We can help you every step of the way.
6Can I cancel if I change my mind?
You have a cooling-off period of 14-days from the date you signed your agreement, during which you may cancel your claim at no charge.*