Uniform Tax Rebate

If you wear a uniform or protective clothing to work, you are eligible to apply for a tax rebate.

Who can claim uniform tax rebate?

If your uniform contains your company logo or is protective clothing, you can apply for a tax rebate from HMRC. All the following employees can claim Uniform Tax Rebate:

• Retail staff
• Restaurant staff
• Hospitality & Catering
• Nurses, Doctors, Dentists and other Healthcare workers
• Police officers
• Airline staff / Cabin crew / Pilots
• Public transport (London Underground staff, Train conductors, Bus drivers)
• Engineers & Mechanics
• Builders / Plumbers / Carpenters
• Anyone else that wears a uniform to work or clothing with their employer’s logo

What is Uniform Tax Rebate?

If you wear a uniform/protective clothing to work or even a T-shirt with the company logo, which you must wash & maintain yourself, you could be eligible to claim uniform tax rebate. According to national statistics, 2 in 3 people who wear a uniform for work can claim uniform tax rebate.

To be able to claim the tax relief, ALL the following must apply:

• You wear a recognisable uniform that shows you’ve got a certain job, like a branded T-shirt, post man uniform or police uniform.
• Your employer requires you to wear it while you’re working.
• You must purchase, clean, repair or replace it yourself.
• You paid income tax in the year you are claiming for.

How much can I claim back for my uniform tax rebate?

The total amount you can claim back depends on your job. The standard rebate for most UK employees who claim for their current year & the previous 4 years (as permitted by HMRC) is £60. However, for certain jobs/professions HMRC has agreed higher allowances. We find that the average value of a Uniform Tax Rebate claim is £220.

Use the Tax Rebate calculator to get an estimate of how much you may be entitled to, based on your occupation.

Can I claim for anything else?

As well as a uniform tax rebate, we can also help you claim a tax rebate for several expenses you may have incurred as part of your job. For example, HMRC will usually allow you to claim back 20% of the cost of any equipment or tools purchased, as well as fees paid to professional organisations such as Unison, TUC, GMB and HCPC.

Also, mileage allowance rebate, allows you to claim back up to 45p per mile for business trips you have made since April 2015.